PRFD Elevates Flight Support Services with the Launch of PRFD Handling in Egypt

PRFD, a leading provider of flight support services across Africa and the Middle East, has announced the launch of PRFD Handling, a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing customer service and expanding its presence throughout the region. The inaugural base for PRFD Handling will be established in Egypt (HECA), marking the beginning of an ambitious journey to cover airports across Africa.

PRFD has been at the forefront of delivering unparalleled flight support services, catering to the diverse needs of its clients. With a commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, PRFD has taken a significant step forward by introducing PRFD Handling.

PRFD Handling is designed to reinforce PRFD’s commitment to providing exceptional services by establishing a local presence at key airports. Egypt has been chosen as the first base for PRFD Handling, serving as a strategic hub for the region. This strategic move aligns with our vision to extend our footprint across all African airports, ensuring that our clients receive personalized attention and high-quality services at every location.

Key Highlights of PRFD Handling:

1. Local Supervisors: PRFD Handling will deploy local supervisors at each airport, facilitating seamless communication and coordination with local authorities. This approach ensures a deep understanding of regional nuances and compliance with specific regulations, resulting in more efficient operations for our clients.

2. Expansion Strategy: The launch of PRFD Handling in Egypt marks the beginning of an ambitious expansion plan. Our vision is to establish a presence at airports across Africa, creating a comprehensive network that guarantees consistent and reliable services for our clients.

3. Commitment to Quality: PRFD Handling upholds the highest service quality standards. By embedding local supervisors at each airport, we aim to exceed client expectations and provide a personalized, responsive, and efficient service experience.

A message from our General Manager :

Ammar Akkawi, General Manager of PRFD, expressed excitement about the launch, saying, “PRFD Handling represents a significant milestone in our journey to elevate the standards of flight support services. By establishing a local presence at key airports, we are enhancing our operational efficiency and ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service at every touchpoint.”